Prometheus (2012)

There is no denying that Ridley Scott has made a good decision in returning to the Alien Franchise. Prometheus is a worthy addition to the series despite not actually concentrating on the creatures from the previous films. This film proves that Ridley Scott is by far the best of all the directors who have taken a shot at the series.

The story is undeniably confusing for the most part. While it is easy to understand and almost on par with the original film it becomes clear that there some flaws here and there. Focusing on the Engineers naturally would lead any viewer who hasn’t seen the film to think that this is a prequel to the first Alien film. Indeed almost the entire film leads up to the point where it seems it will connect to the original. Then the climax takes off in a different direction altogether leaving a lot of unanswered questions.  Interestingly one can actually tell early on that this is not in fact a prequel. The story takes place long after the first Alien film which was set in the year of 2037. If anything Prometheus is an indirect sequel to the original film.

It is a little disappointing what has been done with the effects in this film. Like a lot of films there is a heavy use of CGI on virtually everything. There is a grisly squid-like creature near the end that is purely computer generated. This suffers by comparison to the first and second Alien films which actually had actors in suits. While it would be impractical for a man to dress as a squid it would not be impossible for an actor to be one of the Engineers. Instead we get something that looks as fake as the giant squid creature. This, however, is just looking at it on the surface level. When examined closely one can appreciate how the film has taken advantage of present day effects to provide a gritty and bleak visual style.

Noomi Rapace. You may remember her from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) and Sherlock Holmes a Game of Shadows (2011). It is safe to say that her performance here is probably better than in either of those films. She plays the role of Elizabeth Shaw, who perfectly captures the sense of desperation and heroism which was embodied by Ellen Ripley who was masterfully portrayed by Sigourney Weaver in all the previous Alien films. Michael Fassbender is the best of the entire cast. His character is an android named David, who is reminiscent of the androids from the previous films. His character creates a great contrast to Shaw and is overall the best character in the film. Guy Pearce makes a surprise appearance as Peter Weyland the CEO of Weyland Corp. Right from the start you expect him to have a pivotal role. But he has barely any screen time at all. Bit of a shame really.

This film is a strange and enlightening experience. While it throws in plenty of eye candy it leaves too many plot threads hanging. Ridley Scott has made a welcome return to the franchise and delivered on the horror and action. Despite having its flaws Prometheus is an exciting and fascinating film from beginning to end.

The Score: 8/10

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